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Consider Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Treatment

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on November 6, 2021

A car accident can send your world into a spin. In addition to the many physical and emotional symptoms that may accompany your unfortunate accident, there might also be a multitude of treatment options for you to consider. Depending on your... Read More

Improve Your Game with a Baseball Performance Evaluation

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on October 6, 2021

Did you know that chiropractic care can improve your baseball game? Baseball is a full-body sport, and whether you’re a pitcher, catcher, or baseman, you’re engaging your whole body when you play. Adding preventive chiropractor care to your arsenal can... Read More

Back Pain Treatment Can Change Your Life

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on September 6, 2021

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you have probably suffered from back pain, especially in your lower back, at some point in your life. Lower back pain is a pervasive condition that can sometimes have debilitating effects. For many,... Read More

5 Great Neck Pain Relief Techniques in 5 Locations

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on May 28, 2021

The neck is an intricate structure sensitive to pain caused by poor posture, sitting for prolonged periods, and injury. The good news is that chiropractic care has ample research showing various methods to significantly reduce neck pain, and said methods... Read More

Dry Needling: The Pinpoint Approach for Pain Relief

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on April 29, 2021

At a quick glance--and maybe even a long one--dry needling and acupuncture look the same; however there are two very different things going on. Acupuncture focuses on restoring a person’s energy flow while dry needling therapeutically stimulates muscle trigger points. At... Read More

Cupping Therapy: Ancient Practice, Modern form of Pain Relief and More

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on March 29, 2021

Cupping is a practice dating all the way back to ancient Egypt and is said to originate in China. It’s been used to help with blood flow, pain and inflammation, relaxation and overall well-being. At ChiroConcepts in the Dallas Fort Worth... Read More

How to Maintain Good Workplace Ergonomics While Working from Home

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on January 18, 2021

Due to the global pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, more people are working from home.  Unfortunately, not all homes have good workplace ergonomics.  However, with a few tips from your Allen chiropractor, you can take steps to improve your ergonomics and prevent muscle... Read More

Chiropractic Care in Allen - An Effective Stress Reduction Aid?

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on December 16, 2020

Are you stressed out? Many people feel the same way, especially now that we’re dealing with a stressful election season, unrest throughout the country, and a global pandemic.  Thankfully, chiropractic care in Allen is an ideal tool for stress reduction and management.  When... Read More

Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment - Useful for Fall Sports Injuries?

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on November 16, 2020

During this time of year, many people are watching – if not participating in – fall sports.  While football and soccer can be enjoyable, they can also be dangerous, resulting in debilitating injuries.  As an injured athlete (or weekend workout warrior), what... Read More

Knee Pain Treatment in Allen

Written By ChiroConcepts of Allen on August 25, 2020

Knee pain affects people of all ages because of injuries, medical conditions, and poor lifestyle choices. While minor knee pain generally resolves on its own or responds to self-care measures, you should seek knee pain treatment for persistent or severe... Read More

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